• Csaba Zsolt Lokodi, Ing.
  • Calin Simu
  • TBA

One weekend – four shows!

At WDSF you will have the opportunity to get 4 CAC!


Friday CCBOR Clubshow
Saturday 2 CCBOR Clubshows (one in the morning and second in the afternoon)
Sunday CCBOR Club Winner Clubshow


Transilvanian CCBOR Winner
get 2 CAC at this weekend and get this unique title!
Dacia CCBOR Winner
get 1 CAC at this weekend and compete in one of our sports and get this extraordinary title!
CCBOR Club Winner
this title goes to BOB and BOS dog each variety of the CCBOR Club Winner Show on Sunday

Entry Fee

60,- EUR for the first dog and show
50,- EUR for second dog and/or second show
40,- EUR for third and more dog and/or third or fourth show CCBOR
10,- EUR for alle baby and puppy classes

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