Camping at WDSF 2023

We will set up a huge camping area at WDSF 2023 event.
There will be available electricity, showers and toilets and sewage dump stations.

Cost per night are 30,- EUR

If you have any questions about camping please let us know by e-mail

please enter phone number with country code, e.g +39 1234 456789
If you do not know the plate number by booking, please send us a comment and the end of the form.
Please just fill in the date of the day, e.g. "6"
Please just fill in the date of the day, e.g. "10"
If you want to stay longer then WSDF lasts and stay for FMBB, please give us a note in comments. We will come back by e-mail and arrange it then.
Example: Arival: 6. April 2023, Leaving 10. April 2023 will be 4 nights.
If you book for a team or you want to stay near somebody special, please let us know in comments. We will see what we can do.
By booking a camper space, your personal registration data and the number plate will be transferred to Club pentru pasionatii de Ciobănești Belgieni și Olandezi (CCBOR) and processed for the use in magaing the bookings. In case of refusal, a booking is not possible. I agree that all data can be used for the cases described. I hereby accept the advises of the organizer. I am aware that I can revoke this declaration at any time and request the deletion of my data and that I must contact the CCBOR for this.
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