• A Attila Kocsis (Romania)
  • B Edgar Scherkl (Germany)
  • C Tamaș Budai (Hungary)


  • Levente Taksony (Hungary)
  • Attila Takács (Hungary)
  • Ferenc Studinger (Hungary)

Competition field will be natural grass
Tracking will be on grass

The WDSF IGP World Championship will be held in category 1, 2 & 3

World Champion title will be handed to the IGP winner

Competition Rules

  • Basis of the examination are the currently valid international rulebooks of the FCI and its implementing regulations.

Admission and Qualification Mode

  • The total number of competitors taking part at the IGP World Championship is not limited.
  • Competitors are not allowed to compete in more than one discipline with the same dog at the WDSF, except Dog Show
  • The desired examination level must have been successfully completed at least once before participation in the World Championship.
  • If it concerns a sick or a dog that is hurt, this must be validated by the veterinarian

Dear sportsmen and sportswomen,
in our statutes breeding clubs and explicitly dog sport clubs, which commit themselves in their statutes or rules of procedure to promote the Dutch Shepherd Dog, have been anchored as members. All member clubs must be members of an LAO of the FCI either directly or through their umbrella organization.
Participants in the World Championship must be members of a member club.
This does not have to be a member association from their home country.
Nationality is not determined by membership in a member club, but by citizenship or permanent residence. With this regulation we follow the corresponding regulation of the FCI for the participation in the FCI World Championship.
(https://www.fci.be/medias/UTI-REG-IGP-CMO-UTI-en-13652.pdf, page 7)

Sigrid Schmidt
Vice President, Sports Director of the WDSF

Friday, April 7th. IGP Traing Schedule

IGP timetable


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